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Poison are a true American musical phenomenon. Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett, and Bobby Dall were already playing together in Mechanicsburg PA in 1980. Without a safety net, they moved to Los Angeles in 1983, eventually met Brooklyn native CC Deville, and endured poverty while they honed their craft. Through intensely hard work, by 1985 they reached the very top of the Sunset Strip live-music scene. It was in 1987, via music videos on MTV, that they burst into the national consciousness, thanks chiefly to their outrageous appearance, but also to their catchy songs and solid showmanship. The costumed excess calmed down quickly, but the hits kept coming. Poison's singles reached the Billboard US Top 40 ten times from 1987 through 1991, and each of their first three albums achieved multi-Platinum sales. They have two additional Gold albums and a multi-Platinum Greatest Hits release. A whopping 50+ million sales worldwide.

Poison have always expressed a sense of fun, energy, and youthful abandon. Millions grew up loving them and their style of music, and love them to this day. Singer Bret Michaels became a star in his own right in the 2000s thanks to several of his own TV series on VH1, which are rated among the most successful reality shows of all time, and also a solo recording and touring career alongside Poison's. 2017 marks thirty years that Poison have endured in the public consciousness. Thank you, men of Poison. This tribute is for you!